Terms and Conditions-

Data Security

Your personal data will be treated strictly confidential and will be encoded in the course of their electronic transmission.

What are your rights?

If at any point you believe the information we process on you is incorrect you can request to see this information and even have it corrected or deleted. If you wish to raise a complaint on how we have handled your personal data, you can contact our Group Privacy Officer at admin@clsm-aus.com who will investigate the matter.

Collection, Processing and Use of your Personal Data

Your personal data will be collected, processed and used for the purpose of the application process only. For the use of our online applicant portal (LINK) personal data such as your name, position, address, phone number, contact details, information regarding your previous employment services and your certifications will be collected. These personal data are used for contacting you regarding your application. 

Handling and Updating of your Personal Data 

You may change your profile online at any time and may delete all of your personal data. 

Transmission and Processing of your Personal Data 

By using our online applicant portal (LINK) you agree that your personal data are processed within CLSM Maritime Group AS and its subsidiaries.

Please kindly note that the examination of your application may take some time.

Storage of your Personal Data

Your data will be stored in our database for 6 months and you will receive an email whether you would like to keep your account with CLSM for another 6 months or you would like us to delete your account. Please note that your account will be soft deleted and can be retrieved/activated upon your request. 

Data Protection – Personal Data Notification (SEAFARERS)


“Managers” means the ship manager, a company within the group of companies comprised of CLSM Maritime Group Ltd., its subsidiaries and/or affiliates (“CLSM Maritime Group”), who acts as manager and agent for and on behalf of the owner of any vessel on which I may be assigned from time to time. 


I acknowledge and accept that (i) the owners of any vessel on which I may be assigned from time to time and (ii) the Managers and any direct or indirect parent or subsidiary or associated or affiliated company of the Managers (together the “Companies”) may each process my personal data (including any of my personal data that is provided to any of the Companies at a later date) for the following purposes:

a. administering my employment, or my application therefore, including with respect to personal and 
pensions administration, employee management; 
b. as required to comply with any laws, regulations or contracts applicable to any of the Companies or 
their businesses and in accordance with any applicable limitation periods; 
c. where necessary to protect my vital interests; and 
d. as otherwise indicated in the Managers’ data protection policy, as notified to me by the Managers in 
writing, on or before commencement of my employment and thereafter whenever the data protection 
policy is updated from time to time.

I understand that my personal data will be stored in the Managers’ database and otherwise processed for the above purposes, in connection with, and during the period of my current period of employment and thereafter for such further period (if any) as is necessary to fulfil the abovementioned purposes. I also understand that the abovementioned processing activities may involve the transfer of my personal data from the Managers to any of the other Companies. This may involve the transfer of my personal data to jurisdictions whose data protection laws do not provide equivalent protection to my home country subject to the Companies taking appropriate measures to ensure that my personal data is kept secure at all times.